Renewable Energy

ICP will contribute to the development of next-generation energy and social systems in consideration of global warming countermeasures.

 Investment case: Irago Wind Farm

■ Start Date: June 2005
■ EquipmentMitsubishi Heavy Industries MWT-1000A
■ Electricity Sales to Chubu Electric Power

At the start of operation, the wind power generation was constructed at only three locations nationwide without subsidies. (* 1) The business is operated purely by power generation.

Maintained a capacity utilization rate of 25% to 30%, which exceeds the national average of approximately 18% (* 2).

(* 1: ICP research ) (* 2 : Japan Wind Power Association estimates 17.1% -19.2%).

伊良湖 風車伊良湖 風車

Investment case : Nemuro Wind Farm

■ Start DateOctober 2018
■ Equipment
Two “Tozzi Nord TN535” equipments
■ Electricity Sales to
Hokkaido Electric Power
This power generation facility located in the westernmost part of Japan (* 1) as a small wind power plant.

(* 1: As of October 2020 )

伊良湖 風車