About ICP

About ICP

ICP is an independent venture capital firm that invests in and incubates start-up companies that with high growth potential. It is brilliant entrepreneurs who take various risks to build venture businesses needed by people. It is our mission that we commit to create added value through our support for entrepreneurs to maximize their enterprise value and to minimize risks. We believe that venture start-ups are needed because of those reasons that are:

  • Financing methods are changing from indirect to direct financing. Start-up companies are called for alternative investment opportunities by investors.
  • It is not “big companies” but start-ups that create country’s competitiveness on international markets in the next generation.
  • As the system of life-time employment is collapsing, start-ups are becoming more important in job creation.

Track Record

Result of ICP No.1 Fund

Amount: JPY 3.5 billion

Duration: From Nov. 1999 to Dec. 2005

Portfolio: 30 companies mainly in IT technology sector

IRR: 34.1%


Masaki Ishibe, CEO, President

He has been in venture capital industry all through his career. He founded ICP. in 1999 after he served as investment manager at JFCO(TSE:8595) and Hikari Tsushin(TSE:9435). He has built successful track record, which include Park 24 (TSE:4666), People (JQS:7865), Kakaku.com(TSE:2371) and more, and served as board member of more than 10 portfolio companies to support their business development.

Koji Shibayama, Director

He joined ICP in 2005 after he served as investor relation and financial manager at Hikari Tsushin and business development manager at a large US-based electronic parts distributor. With his experience in foreign market and finance, he is serving as board member of several portfolio companies.